Win hardware, collectibles, and more in the 2021 Ars Technica Charity Drive

Enlarge / Just some of the prizes available in this year’s Ars Technica Charity Drive Sweepstakes

It’s once again that special time of year when we give you a chance to do well by doing good. That’s right—it’s time for the 2021 edition of our annual Charity Drive!

Every year since 2007, we’ve encouraged readers to give to Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play charity, which provides toys and games to kids being treated in hospitals around the world. In recent years, we’ve added the Electronic Frontier Foundation to our annual charity push, aiding in their efforts to defend Internet freedom. This year, as always, we’re providing some extra incentive for those donations by offering donors a chance to win pieces of our big pile of vendor-provided swag. We can’t keep it, and we don’t want it clogging up our offices. So it’s now yours to win.

This year’s swag pile is full of high-value geek goodies. We have 39 prizes valued at over $1,600 total, including hardware, accessories, collectibles, smartwatches, apparel, and more. In 2020, Ars readers raised a record $58,000 for charity, contributing to a total haul of more than $394,000 since 2007. We want to raise even more this year, and we can do it if readers really dig deep.

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