Where Matter support stands, and what devices are coming, in early 2023

Enlarge / Mui Labs’ Mui Board 2nd Gen embodies the loftiest promise of Matter: a wooden board, from a company you’ve likely never heard of, controlling devices made by many different companies, even if they’re already connected to other apps. (credit: Mui)

First came the specification, then the release, and then CES 2023—it has been a busy few months for Matter, the smart home connectivity standard. You can’t quite fill your home just yet with Matter-ready devices, but there are some intriguing options in development. Here’s a look at some of the most practical, quirky, and viable gear coming soon (or soon-ish).

Some parts of Matter are already here

If you wanted to start your smart home off fresh this year with a focus on Matter-powered universal compatibility, you already have a couple pieces of the puzzle ready for you. Let’s go bit by bit, starting with your phone.

Your phone, whether iOS or Android, can scan the QR code or read the Bluetooth signal of a Matter-certified device. Most platforms support adding devices to a controller through an Android app, but only Apple’s HomeKit and Samsung’s SmartThings have support for iOS device enrollment. Amazon has said it plans to add iOS enrollment for Thread-based devices this spring but already supports devices over Wi-Fi.

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