We’ve finally seen Return To Monkey Island in action: looks great, full of laughs

Enlarge / Dave Grossman (L) and Ron Gilbert (R) joined Ars Technica for a rare interview in Seattle at PAX West 2022. (credit: Sam Machkovech)

SEATTLE—Longtime game designer Ron Gilbert has repeatedly suggested that a sequel to his beloved Monkey Island series would arrive how fans want it: unspoiled. It’s a major reason why the point-and-click adventure’s pre-release period has been devoid of gameplay footage or other major giveaways of what to expect, lest any of its puzzles or jokes be ruined.

As the long-awaited Return to Monkey Island approaches its September 19 release date, then, interested fans will have to tide themselves over with the bones Gilbert and his collaborator Dave Grossman threw my way at this weekend’s PAX West. After I entered their meeting room and sheathed my camera, the pair turned on an external display, picked up a computer mouse, and began goading hero Guybrush Threepwood around the new game’s environs.

You might be jealous, but I would argue that your comparable ignorance about how the game looks and sounds is a happier place to be until September 19. My patience for this game’s release has now dwindled.

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