Volvo targets ultralow carbon footprint for new small EV, the EX30

Enlarge (credit: Volvo)

Next month, Volvo will show off its next electric vehicle. It’s called the EX30, and it sounds like it will be what many readers have been asking for—a smaller EV. Volvo is keeping quiet about some of the car’s details until it launches on June 7, but it is boasting about how much it has managed to reduce this new EV’s carbon footprint.

In fact, Volvo says that at 200,000 km (124,275 miles), the EX30 will only be responsible for 30 tons of CO2. And yes, that’s a life-cycle amount, which includes the carbon emitted during the production of the car, not just the carbon emitted as a result of recharging it.

It’s a 25 percent reduction on the life-cycle carbon emissions of Volvo’s next-smallest EVs, the XC40 and C40 crossovers.

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