The SWFT VOLT: A minimalist e-bike with a price to match

Enlarge (credit: SWFT)

So far, the two e-bikes I’ve looked at on Ars have been targeting the high end: expensive components and a carefully thought-through riding experience. I looked at them because I thought their creators were trying to do interesting things with the e-bike format, especially compared to the commoditized bikes being offered on the low end.

But I realized that this was only giving me a partial perspective on the e-bike landscape; all I could really compare them with was high-end traditional bikes. So, I was intrigued when a company called SWFT got in touch about two models it was introducing, both at extremely competitive prices. I chose one in a hybrid format that should make it a great gravel bike, since there are a growing number of long-distance trails that require time on gravel.

The gravel bike thing didn’t work out, but I did get a very different e-bike experience, which means it at least ticks the “interesting” box.

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