TCL backtracks on making its first OLED TVs

Enlarge / TCL will instead focus on bigger QLED and Mini LED Tvs, like the 98-inch QM8. (credit: TCL)

TCL isn’t letting go of the QLED dream. This dream doesn’t just see TCL selling LCD-LED TVs with quantum dots but also features QLED as the sole four-letter acronym in its lineup. Numerous vendors announced new OLED TVs during CES 2023 last week, with some leveraging purportedly next-gen tech. However, TCL has affirmed plans to be one of the last TV makers still holding out on OLED… despite what you may have heard.

During CES, TCL actually did announce that it was making its first OLED TV. It even went as far as to commit to Samsung Display’s QD-OLED panels, which would make it the third company to sell QD-OLED TVs, after Samsung and Sony. The announcement claimed that Mini LED and QD-OLED would “both hold premium positions in TCL’s 2023 TV line-up.” However, the TV maker known for budget and mid-range products told FlatPanelsHD today that this is false.

“A line in the TCL CES 2023 press release confirming plans to launch the brand’s first QD-OLED television this year was incorrectly included,” TCL told the publication.

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