So long, Bethesda Launcher: Here’s how to move its games to a Steam account

Enlarge / Something new can now be found deep in the void that is the Bethesda Launcher’s logo. (credit: Bethesda / Valve / Sam Machkovech)

If you’ve been waiting to crack open a bottle of Balmora Blue Wine and pour one out for the soon-to-be-shuttered Bethesda Launcher, today might be the day.

Bethesda has now formally rolled out a method to seamlessly transfer most PC games and virtual currencies purchased or acquired on the 6-year-old Bethesda Launcher storefront. On May 11, the launcher will no longer function, and you’ll need to use Steam to access any games you had acquired via Bethesda Launcher from that point on.

Starting today, you can officially transfer all compatible content to Steam and safely uninstall the Bethesda Launcher. As Ars Technica has confirmed, the process could very well be painless for you.

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