Smartmatic sues OANN, Newsmax over claims it rigged voting machines for Biden

Enlarge / A Smartmatic warehouse. (credit: Smartmatic)

Voting machine maker Smartmatic yesterday filed lawsuits against Newsmax and the owner of One America News Network (OANN), claiming the conservative news organizations conducted a “disinformation campaign against Smartmatic” and “acted with actual malice and ill will” by falsely claiming “that Smartmatic fixed, rigged, and stole the 2020 US election for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

Smartmatic is seeking financial damages in the defamation lawsuits filed against OANN owner Herring Networks in US District Court for the District of Columbia and against Newsmax in Delaware Superior Court.

“OANN falsely stated and implied that Smartmatic’s election technology and software were compromised or hacked during the 2020 US election and sent votes to foreign countries to be compromised or hacked,” that “Smartmatic was founded and funded by corrupt dictators from socialist and communist countries,” and that “Smartmatic’s election technology and software were designed to and have fixed, rigged, and stolen elections before,” the lawsuit against OANN said. Smartmatic made largely identical allegations in the lawsuit against Newsmax.

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