Samsung’s new touch tech enables thinner, lighter OLED laptops

Enlarge / A concept laptop with Samsung Display’s new 16-inch OLED touchscreen. (credit: Samsung Display)

As plenty of laptop makers proved at CES earlier this month, there will be plenty of OLED laptops to choose from in 2023. The technology’s high-contrast, rich image quality has tempted creatives and power users alike. A new year means new ways to entice shoppers, though, so one approach Samsung plans to take with its next series of Galaxy Books concerns the screen’s physical build.

On Tuesday, Samsung Display, which makes display panels for various companies, including parent company Samsung Electronics, announced that it started mass production of a new touch-capable OLED laptop screen. Samsung Display is calling it the first On Cell Touch AMOLED (OCTA) screen for laptops. Per a Google translation of the South Korea-based company’s announcement, these screens use embedded touch sensors, whereas other OLED laptop panels use adhesive to apply a film screen with touch sensors.

According to Samsung Display, skipping the film results in a panel that’s 6 to 11 percent thinner and lighter in weight. Because it uses fewer materials, Samsung Display also claims the technology is more environmentally friendly than the preceding design.

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