Roku announces a cheaper subwoofer, updates $30 Express streaming device

Enlarge / Roku OS 11.5. (credit: Roku)

Roku today announced new hardware with the budget-conscious in mind, including the $130 Roku Wireless Bass subwoofer and an updated Roku Express streaming device. The company also detailed Roku OS 11.5, which includes features that should mean less time spent helplessly clicking around for something to watch.

Roku’s $130 Wireless Bass

The Roku Wireless Bass subwoofer is meant to boost the bass heard with Roku’s Streambar, Wireless Speakers, or TV Wireless Soundbar. Roku’s upcoming 5.25-inch subwoofer is a cheaper version of the already released, 10-inch Roku Wireless Bass Pro.

The lower-priced subwoofer sports a frequency response of 50-200 Hz, while the more expensive Wireless Bass Pro packs more at the low-end with a range of 40-200 Hz. Roku describes the new subwoofer as having a front-firing ported design compared to the Wireless Bass Pro’s downward-facing design and sealed cabinet.

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