Rocket Report: SpinLaunch spins up, Falcon Heavy to return big time in 2022

Enlarge / As the Crew-3 mission ascends, a Falcon 9 rocket with a Starlink payload awaits its turn on a nearby launch pad in Florida. (credit: SpaceX)

Welcome to Edition 4.23 of the Rocket Report! After a one-week hiatus, this report returns with a superfluity of news. There’s a lot to cover, from exciting news in the New Mexico desert to busy times for the Space Coast in Florida as SpaceX gets busy with crewed missions.

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SpinLaunch completes first test flight. The California-based startup uses kinetic energy to launch payloads, and its test projectile reached “tens of thousands” of feet during its first launch, CNBC reports. The company’s method uses a vacuum-sealed centrifuge to spin the rocket to a velocity several times the speed of sound before it is released. “It’s a radically different way to accelerate projectiles and launch vehicles to hypersonic speeds using a ground-based system,” SpinLaunch CEO Jonathan Yaney said.

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