Rocket Report: SLS may face delay due to engine issue, Astra goes orbital

Enlarge / Rocket Lab calls this the “Hungry Hippo” fairing on its Neutron rocket. (credit: Rocket Lab)

Welcome to Edition 4.25 of the Rocket Report! After the Thanksgiving holiday, we are now in the homestretch of 2021, with less than a month to go in the year. And it will be a consequential month, with a Soyuz crew launch on deck, NASA’s IXPE science mission, and—of course—the James Webb Space Telescope on December 22. Buckle up!

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Astra successfully reaches orbit. Astra never sought to build the best rocket, the biggest rocket, or the safest rocket. The California-based space company simply wanted to build a rocket that was just good enough—and to do it fast. On November 20, Astra proved the value of this philosophy by successfully launching a stripped-down rocket for the first time. The mission hefted a small test payload for the US Space Force into an orbit 500 km above the planet, Ars reports.

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