Rocket Report: Europe has a rocket problem, FAA testing safety of methane

Enlarge / Korea’s Nuri rocket launched for the third time on Thursday. (credit: KARI)

Welcome to Edition 5.40 of the Rocket Report! I would like to congratulate Virgin Galactic on its successful return to space on Thursday morning above the state of New Mexico. It has been a long period, nearly two years, since the company’s last human spaceflight. Here’s hoping the company can reach a regular flight rate soon.

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Virgin Galactic takes to the skies again. On Thursday morning Virgin Galactic successfully returned to human spaceflight after a nearly two year hiatus. In a news release, the company said its VSS Unity spacecraft reached an apogee of 87.2 km before landing at Spaceport America in New Mexico. Virgin Galactic says it is now readying the vehicle for the start of long awaited commercial operations, with the “Galactic 01” mission planned for late June.

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