Review: I wore Razer’s Zephyr N95 mask for two weeks so you don’t have to

Enlarge / Author Sam Machkovech wears the Razer Zephyr mask out in public. (credit: Steve Haske)

For the past two weeks, I’ve carried the $99 Razer Zephyr mask with me pretty much everywhere I go—but that’s not the same as wearing it.

Razer’s first foray into the world of high-tech wearables comes in the form of an “N95-grade” face mask that claims to go above and beyond what you can expect from cloth options. The company set expectations pretty high with the mask’s initial prototype reveal in January, only to cut down features to make the mask cheaper and lighter. Yet this launch version is still a far cry from the cloth masks that are so ubiquitous these days.

And since it’s from Razer, a peripheral manufacturer best known for neon-tinged gaming mice, headphones, and keyboards, the mask looks striking. Look at it! The Razer Zephyr is basically a gaming mouse that you strap to your face, RGB lighting and all. So I had to try it.

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