Report: Apple and Jony Ive will no longer work together

Jony Ive, longtime Apple designer. (credit: Gary Cohen)

After three decades, the professional relationship between Apple and designer Jony Ive has ended, according to sources cited by The New York Times.

Ive joined Apple in 1992 and went on to make a name for himself by designing the colorful iMac in 1998 that played a major role in saving the company after Steve Jobs’ return to the CEO role. For many years afterward, he was reportedly Jobs’ closest partner, and he was second only to Jobs in terms of influence within the company.

He headed up hardware design but took over software design along the way. After Jobs’ death, Ive spearheaded the design and launch of the Apple Watch. But that process left Ive frustrated, according to many sources, and he switched to a part-time role.

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