Porsche builds a sporty red wagon: The 2022 Taycan GTS Sport Turismo

Enlarge / Porsche’s newest electric car variant is the $133,300 Taycan GTS Sport Turismo. (credit: Jonathan Gitlin)

Porsche provided flights to Los Angeles and two nights in a hotel so we could drive the Taycan GTS Sport Turismo and the sedan that we wrote about two weeks ago. Ars does not accept paid editorial content.

Two weeks ago, we found out how the new Porsche Taycan GTS sedan handles some light track work—quite competently, as it turns out. But as I noted at the time, few Taycan GTSes will ever take part in a track day, so how the car drives on the road is more important .

We didn’t get a road drive in the GTS sedan, but we did get a few hours’ seat time in that car’s new sibling, the $133,300 Taycan GTS Sport Turismo. And for readers who don’t speak fluent Porsche, that means this one is a station wagon.

In fact, this is not even the first battery electric station wagon. I think that honor goes to the Taycan Cross Turismo, which is basically the same bodyshell with the suspension raised a few millimeters, plus some plastic bumper extensions to give it an ersatz off-roader feel. Porsche would say that the Cross Turismo “exemplifies all-weather, all-road capability” and that this new Sport Turismo version is focused entirely on on-road performance.

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