Pixel Watch prototype is left at a bar, gets photographed

Enlarge / The Pixel Watch. This bootloader is the only thing the watch would display. (credit: Android Central)

The Pixel Watch had an iPhone 4 moment over the weekend. Just as Apple’s 2010 flagship leaked after being left at a bar, Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch was apparently lost and found at a restaurant. Android Central got ahold of photos of the leaked device first, and the person who found the watch did a Reddit AMA as the user “Tagtech414” and shared more pictures. Sadly, the device doesn’t actually work. No one knows how to charge it, and it might be remotely wiped anyway. Keep in mind that these are pictures of a prototype, not the final model, and this watch was sitting in the lost and found for “several weeks” before the Internet got ahold of it.

We do get a good look at the hardware, though. Google’s smartwatch is a plump little glass circle. The top glass cover is the widest part of the watch circle and seems designed to look like the top “half” of the watch. It actually only makes up about one-third of the watch depth, which makes the watch seem thinner than it is.

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