No hope for Hawkins? Trailer for Stranger Things S4 Part 2 is pretty bleak

We’re eagerly awaiting the two-part finale to the fourth season of Stranger Things. Will Hawkins survive?

It was admittedly an odd creative decision to split the fourth season of Stranger Things into two unequal parts. While Part 1 (consisting of the first seven episodes) was a bit bloated, it nonetheless told a compelling story, set up some very real stakes, and left viewers mulling over multiple cliffhangers. Fortunately, we don’t have long to wait to see what happens next, and Netflix just dropped an exciting new trailer foreshadowing what we can expect from the final two episodes, each of which clocks in at well over an hour’s run time. And things look pretty bleak for the Hawkins gang.

(Some spoilers for S4 Part 1 below, but we’ve tried to avoid revealing the biggest plot twists.)

Ever since the official trailer for Part 1 dropped in May, we’ve known that this season’s big bad hails straight from classic D&D lore. It’s Vecna, a once-powerful wizard who first became undead and then became a lich. Although Vecna (in the lore, at least) was destroyed, over time he achieved godhood. His left hand and left eye survived his bodily death and became powerful relics.

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