Next Windows 11 update makes the Blue Screen of Death blue again

(credit: javelinnl)

Microsoft is pushing another bug-fix update for Windows 11 out to its Beta and Release Preview Insider channels today, and like all the Windows 11 bug-fix updates released so far, the list of resolved issues is more than long enough to vindicate anyone who decided to stay on Windows 10 for a few more months. The update (version number 22000.346, for the record) fixes rendering problems with the new Taskbar and Start menu, some Bluetooth audio volume control problems, issues running some 32-bit apps, and a variety of printer problems, among many other things.

Buried amongst its other, more important tweaks is the rollback of one of Windows 11’s cosmetic additions: the “Black Screen of Death.” This update will change the color of this system-killing error screen back to blue, “as in previous versions of Windows” (and as the computer gods intended).

The Blue Screen of Death (or BSoD) has become iconic in its own right, with a fairly active Reddit community dedicated to spotting it and other computer errors out in the wild. It’s a reminder that beneath the shiny artifice of our screen-filled modern existence lurks a bunch of decrepit PCs that, like pandemic-era humanity, are often just barely holding it together.

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