New Yubico security keys let you log in with a tap to your USB-C port

Enlarge (credit: Yubico)

Because of its power delivery, high transfer rates, and Thunderbolt capabilities, USB-C has become ubiquitous on modern devices. The European Union even wants to force the use of USB-C. So security keys that serve as a form of multi-factor authentication or passwordless login need to play well with the port. Hardware authentication company Yubico is addressing that need with an inexpensive security key that allows logins via USB-C—or with just a tap of the key to a PC or phone.

A cheaper USB-C security key

The Security C NFC costs five dollars more than the USB-A option ($29 versus $24). That’s still cheaper than Google’s Titan USB-C/Security Key, which is $35—if you can find it in stock.

No matter how you connect it to your PC, the Security Key NFC supports the FIDO U2F and FIDO2/WebAuthn authentication standards, which isn’t surprising, as Yubico contributes to both. The key lets you log in to many well-known websites and apps, including Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, Dropbox, Office 365, and Xbox Live.

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