IT fail caused Sonos to ship unwanted speakers and charge customers for them

Enlarge / The Sonos One. (credit: Jeff Dunn)

Sonos customers were left scratching their heads and double-checking their bank accounts after receiving more speakers than they ordered. Some users were reportedly charged for the extra speakers that they received but never ordered.

The Verge on Monday said it spoke to one Sonos customer who “placed an order for a single Sonos Move and received three.” Another was “charged over $2,000 after ordering one Move speaker and receiving a total of seven.”

Reports of the accidental shipments first surfaced on Reddit, where customers have been discussing receiving and/or being charged for as many as five Sonos Ray, Sub, Arc, Move, or Roam speakers that they didn’t order. One person claimed the extra speakers were rerouted before being received but after the charge went through.

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