Google Pixel foldable with Pixel 5-style cameras coming next year

Enlarge / Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 (the big one) and the Flip 3 (the little one). Given the realities of the supply chain and Google’s relationship with Samsung, Google’s foldables will probably look pretty similar to this. (credit: Samsung)

Will the Google Pixel Foldable ever happen? We’ve seen plenty of rumors and Android source code pointing to Google going in that direction, plus the announcement of a foldable-focused Android release. Now, a recent 9to5Google report says that a Pixel foldable with a very familiar camera sensor is coming in 2022.

Apparently, the latest Google Camera app has a device detection flag called “isPixel2022Foldable.” Believe it or not, the Google Camera app is a decent indicator of release dates, as it previously outed the Pixel 4 and 3a with flags like “isPixel2019MidRange” and “isPixel2019.”

The software side of the Pixel Foldable plan is definitely happening. Google recently announced Android 12L, a mid-cycle update for Android that focuses on features for tablets and foldables. The Android Team’s development process promises that new Android software and hardware will be developed together (which is why there have always been Nexus or Pixel devices). So with a big foldables release, it makes sense that a Pixel foldable is in the works. Android 12L is due out in March 2022, so that’s probably the earliest any Pixel foldable will be released.

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