FDA reportedly preparing to force Juul products off the US market

Enlarge / Mint and menthol pods for Juul Labs Inc. e-cigarettes are displayed for sale at a store in Princeton, Illinois, in September 2019. (credit: Getty | Bloomberg)

The Food and Drug Administration is reportedly preparing to deny authorization of Juul’s tobacco- and menthol-flavored products, effectively forcing the e-cigarette giant out of the US market, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

In their reporting, the Journal cited unnamed people familiar with the matter, who also said the FDA could announce its denial as early as today, Wednesday, June 22.

If the report is accurate, the move will come on the heels of an FDA announcement on Tuesday that the regulator is working on plans to establish a maximum nicotine level for cigarettes and other combusted tobacco products. It’s a move aimed at making the products less appealing to youth, less addictive, and less deadly.

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