Express your inner Legolas with these Lord of the Rings keycaps

Enlarge / Drop’s Elvish Lord of the Rings keycap set. (credit: Drop)

Have you ever wanted to speak like the elf Legolas or the dwarf Gimli? With the latest keycaps from keyboard enthusiast shop and vendor Drop, communicating through The Lord of the Rings‘ Elvish or Dwarvish languages is just a mechanical key press away.

The Drop + The Lord of the Rings MT3 Elvish Keycap Set and Drop + The Lord of the Rings MT3 Dwarvish Keycap Set announced Wednesday are PBT plastic keycaps that fit on any mechanical keyboard switch with Cherry MX-style stems. The kits come in Elvish or Dwarvish for those already familiar with the languages (or those who can touch-type). Anyone who isn’t so multi-lingual may want to opt for the kits that include English letters in smaller print next to the J.R.R. Tolkien-language characters.

Drop used dye-sublimation for the legends, which means the inscriptions are permanently stained on and won’t fade. The characters on the keycaps are also accurate, meaning you could use them to teach yourself the fictional languages. And as noted by Matteo “Matt3o” Spinelli, who created the keycaps, you could further your studies by downloading Elvish and Dwarvish fonts.

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