Dealmaster: Best tablet deals for Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you’re looking for a premium Android tablet, Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs are terrific options. Not only do the latest Galaxy Tab S8 models compete head to head with the rival iPad in terms of design and build quality, but Samsung’s slate also comes with a few features not available on Apple’s tablet, including a desktop DeX mode, various screen sizes and resolutions, and integration into the Samsung and Windows ecosystems.

Here are some of the best deals we’ve found for Samsung’s slate if you’re in the market for a premium, high-end Android tablet:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra for $969 ($1,100) at AmazonThe Ultra version of Samsung’s current Galaxy Tab S8 series, with its 14.6-inch display, is one of the largest consumer tablets on the market today. While the large size may make the slate feel unwieldy to use hand-held as a tablet, it’s great for content consumption and makes photos and videos shine. And the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra isn’t just all play and no work, as the large screen makes this a perfect laptop replacement, especially when paired with the keyboard folio, to create and edit documents and spreadsheets, manipulate photos, and do Internet research. Turn on DeX desktop mode and you’ll even have moveable and resizeable desktop windows, similar to macOS and Windows. The slate comes with 128GB of storage and 8GB of memory.

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