D&D maker promises to get player feedback for coming “open” license update

Enlarge / Artist’s conception of the coming discussion between Wizards of the Coast and the D&D community over proposed OGL updates. (credit: WotC)

When Wizards of the Coast (WotC) rolled out proposed changes to its decades-old Open Gaming License (OGL), most average players and smaller creators had to hear about it via a leaked copy of a version sent to big content makers. Now, WotC promises any coming changes will be done through a “more open and transparent” process that will start a “robust conversation” around any new proposals.

In a post on the D&D Beyond forums today, WotC Executive Producer Kyle Brink writes that “new proposed OGL documentation” will be shared publicly on or before Friday, January 20. At that point, community members will have at least two weeks to offer feedback via a survey that will include specific questions and open-response fields.

WotC compared the new process to the one it uses for playtests of Unearthed Arcana documents, which are often used to solicit feedback on draft mechanics and gameplay ideas that haven’t been fully tested. Once the new OGL survey concludes, Brink says WotC will “compile, analyze, react to, and present back what we heard from you.”

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