California says Amazon must stop hiding COVID case counts from workers

Enlarge / Amazon fulfillment center and warehouse in Sacramento on August 23, 2019. (credit: Getty Images | Sundry Photography)

California’s attorney general yesterday said that Amazon has been hiding COVID-19 case counts from warehouse workers throughout the pandemic and announced a settlement in which Amazon agreed to keep workers up to date on the number of infections in their workplaces.

Attorney General Rob Bonta alleged in a lawsuit that Amazon violated a COVID-19 notification law enacted by California in September 2020 and violated the state’s Unfair Competition Law (UCL). The proposed settlement that Amazon agreed to was filed in Sacramento County Superior Court and is still pending a judge’s approval.

The settlement “requir[es] Amazon to end harmful labor practices that concealed COVID-19 case numbers from workers and to provide key information on workplace protections in line with California’s ‘right-to-know’ law,” Bonta’s announcement yesterday said.

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