Activision news flurry: Shareholder vote, WarCraft smartphone game tease

Enlarge / Just a few of the Activision franchises that will become Microsoft properties if and when the acquisition is finalized. (credit: Microsoft / Activision)

On Thursday, Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard cleared the second-biggest hurdle remaining in their plan to complete a $68.7 billion acquisition deal: existing shareholder buy-in.

ATVI shareholders have voted overwhelmingly in favor of approving Microsoft’s bid to acquire Activision-Blizzard, and a company announcement counted over 98 percent of shareholder votes in the “yes” column.

On a dollars-and-cents level, anyone currently holding on to Activision stock is likely interested in the potential cash windfall coming their way should the deal be completed. Ahead of the shareholder vote on Thursday morning, Activision stock prices were trading around $76 per share, while Microsoft’s acquisition terms include a buyout amount of $95 per share.

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