A quarter of new Volvos are now plug-in hybrids or battery EVs

Enlarge / More than one in five new Volvos is a plug-in hybrid, putting the automaker well on its path to an entirely electric range by 2030. (credit: Volvo)

In 2017, Volvo became one of the first automakers to pivot strongly toward electrified vehicles. More recently, it announced that by mid-decade, it wants half of its sales to be plug-in vehicles, with an entirely electric line-up by 2030.

As it turns out, the company is well on its way to making that happen—for the first 10 months of this year, just over a quarter of all new Volvos were electrified. And the automaker isn’t fudging the numbers by including 48 V “mild hybrids”—just plug-in hybrid and battery-electric Volvos.

Volvo sold a total of 581,464 cars between January and October of this year, despite supply chain problems that have affected production. Of those cars, 148,068 were either plug-in hybrid or battery electric, with the vast majority (129,803) being plug-in hybrid versions of the 60 series and 90 series vehicles.

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