Security Workshops / Training

What risks does your business face if it is breached
(i.e. financial loss, reputation, regulatory fines, loss of competitive advantage)?
Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) are Victims of Data Breaches

95% of Breaches are Caused by Human Error*


60% of SMBs Go Out of Business Within 6 Months of a Data Breach**


Employee Security Awareness training is the best way
to minimize the risk of a Data Breach

What You Will Learn:

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Where your data resides and understanding it’s use
  • The causes of security breach – how hackers get access to your data
  • Minimizing security breach and the steps in protecting your business
  • Backup/recovery options and understanding best methods in protecting your data
  • Protecting your business and ensuring business continuity – why is this important?

Who benefits from this Workshop:

All levels of management and decision makers involved with:

  • The daily planning of your business
  • Making sure your business meets industry compliance standards
  • Knowing which key people in your organization is responsible for the success of your daily IT functions
  • Understanding that everyone in the company recognize potential security threats to your business and protecting your investment.
  • This workshop is intended for CIO’s, CTO’s, VP of IT, Director of IT, IT Managers

Learning Outcome:

From the completion of this workshop, you will have:

  • The understanding of how to protect your business and minimize the potential threats of a security breach
  • Knowing that everyone is involved with keeping your business secure
  • The understanding of how to keep up with technology changes and keeping your business competitive in today’s market

Security Training

Our employee security training program involves engaging cybersecurity content completely branded for your organization. Delivered to employees by email, the web, and directly to your team. Our program is topical, interactive and engaging.

Our subscription includes cybersecurity videos, quizzes, interactive phishing examples, infographics, podcasts, and cybersecurity cartoons branded that strengthens your cybersecurity program.​

Each month, you receive a metrics report showing how your employees used the content.

Ask about our Workshops and Training

  • Our Workshops can be conducted virtually or in person
  • Our Security Training can be customized to meet the needs or your organization