Designing an effective Business Continuity Plan

To assist with preparation of a Business Continuity plan for your company, we will create a plan that includes the following four essential steps in the process: 

  • Planning for the impact of an unexpected or catastrophic event on your business
  • Assessing your data and technology needs in the event of a failure in operations
  • Communicating your plan to employees and vendor partners
  • Coordinating with external organizations and helping your community

Business Continuity Assessment Checklist

  • Building Facilities
  • Personnel
  • Security
  • Paper and Electronic Documents
  • IT
  • Suppliers
  • Company and Equipment
  • Customers
  • Location
  • Insurance
  • Assess the Risk
  • Public Relations

Business Continuity Planning Checklist

  • Program Initiation and Management (Pre-Planning)
  • Risk Evaluation and Control (Pre-Planning)
  • Business Impact Analysis (Pre-Planning)
  • Developing Business Continuity Strategies (Planning)
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response (Planning)
  • Developing and Implementing Business Plans (Planning)
  • Awareness and Training Programs (Post-Planning)
  • Business Continuity Plan Exercise, Audit, and Maintenance (Post-Planning)
  • Crisis Communications (Post-Planning)
  • Coordination with External Agencies (Post-Planning)