Rainmaker is a fully integrated Blockchain solution focused on a complete turnkey engineered Proof-Of-Capacity implementation that incorporates ecofriendly scalable mining compute units, extremely dense high capacity modular storage enclosures, all combined in a single integrated stack.

Rainmaker enables companies to establish skills and reputation, accelerating their roadmaps to implement the Blockchain today. SigIT solutions are envisioned to be at the forefront of the effort, with intelligent and completely modular stacks, enabling companies to perform remote field Cryptocurrency mining, keeping Cryptowallets on a secure infrastructure, and resolving complex challenges on-the-go.

As your business grows Rainmaker's flexible building blocks can be mixed and matched to harness the ultimate performance, density and reliability.  The system management software is pre-installed and ready to be used. We take care of the configuration correctness and the system optimizations. Rainmaker, a fully engineered solution, allows you to invest and capture more earnings in less time.

  • Diversify and Power Boost the Return on your investments
  • Secure your wealth to prepare in case of an Emergency
  • Protect your assets from Recession and inflation
  • Your Wealth in a protective shelter and permanently secure haven
  • The smarter investment system for everyone
  • Keep your assets under your control
  • Your privacy and anonymity are paramount
  • Granular tunable reward control
  • Instant gratification
  • Send assets across borders
  • Embraced by world financial firms

Rainmaker, Your Eco-Friendly Investment system

Investors have begun to realize the pitfalls from prior investment systems utilized to create and transact with other Cryptocurrencies, primarily the cost of the electricity and operations to run those systems made them unsustainable to run as a long-term business.

Rainmaker gives investors an undeniable advantage. The system leverages the Proof-of-Capacity (PoC) based Blockchain technology utilizing inexpensive large hard disk storage capacity as an investment where each transaction is 1000 times more economical to process than was previously possible with prior systems.

When investing with Rainmaker your earning power depends and grows as additional hard disk storage capacity is incorporated into the system. The more capacity you invest in translates to a higher and faster return on investments for you.

Rainmaker Technical Benefits

  • Transportable and Eco-Friendly Blockchain Proof-of-Capacity investment system
  • Fully engineered turnkey solution
  • Reduced OPEX from inception
  • Customer service available to help you
  • System configured and tuned for best performance
  • Management software pre-installed from factory
  • Hard Drives are pre-plotted optimized and ready to be mined
  • Hyperscale elastic and dense building blocks, 120 & 240 volts capable
  • Initial building block starts at 3U rack, seamlessly grows to well over 1.82PB
  • Largest Elastic Investment node capacity 1.8PB in 11U Rack Space (152 x 12TB Drives)
  • No constraints when scaling to unlimited capacity by adding additional Elastic Investment Nodes
  • Available Data-at-Rest Hardware with Military Grade Strong Encryption
  • Available Cellular 4G LTE, VSAT Satellite Communication,
    and Next Generation Firewall
  • Simpler to manage and integrate to the existing environment
  • Private and Cloud PoC Mining with transportable
    On and Off Premises miner
  • Rainmaker is engineered and supported in the USA

The 900 Million Dollar Investment made in 2017 on the Blockchain Technology will be surpassed

..."At time of writing, 2018’s venture fundraising totals alone are over 40 percent of the way to 2017’s high water mark, according to Crunchbase data.

And it’s been only around two months since the start of the year."...

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