dvaDataStorage provides Cyber Security and Data Protection services for our clients.  Our clients include City/State/Federal government, Healthcare, Education, Finance, Construction and Media.


What We Do

How You Benefit

Discover & Store Privileged Accounts
Automatically identify and securely store privileged accounts

  • Easily detect all privileged accounts and store the passwords in our secure vault.
  • Accomplish in minutes what would take countless IT hours

Manage & Audit Privileged Accounts
Audit, analyze and manage privileged user and account activity

  • Automatically rotate passwords to manage the keys to the kingdom
  • Alerts your team to abnormal use of credentials
  • Dramatically improves your security postures
  • Facilitates adherence to compliance standards

Monitor & Control Privileged Accounts
Collect, record, monitor and manage privileged activity

  • Know how your privileged accounts are being used and deter abuse
  • Provide full view to your SOC with SIEM integration of privileged account use
  • Log non-repudiation evidence for auditors through active recording & monitoring

“I've personally had the chance to work with Dan over this past year and could not be happier with my experience. His depth and breadth of knowledge of the Security, Data Recovery and Cloud Services industry is incredible and his services are a lifesaver. I couldn't be happier with my experience and can highly recommend dvaDataStorage and Dan Velando without hesitation.” - Michael Todd Smith | CEO Collective Seven