dvaDataStorage provides custom packages when assisting our clients with their security protection.  We’ve assisted clients in City/State/Federal government, Healthcare, Education, Finance, Non-Profit and Construction


Data Breaches are becoming a risk for everyone and all types of businesses regardless of size.  As we study the different types of businesses that are at risk, there seems to be a pattern on why businesses are not prepared to mitigate their risk:

  • Employees are not completely aware of the risk they place their employers when working at the office or at a remote location.
  • Negligent and malicious insiders are considered the biggest security risks.
  • Lack of training procedures on security practices
  • Lack of security procedures when hiring new employees/consultants and preparing for employees/consultants when they leave the company.
  • Poor communications, lack of leadership and lack of board input are barriers to effective incident responses.
  • Current incident response plans are more reactive than proactive.
  • Incident response should focus on understanding the cause of an incident and addressing the negligent insider risk.
  • Password management is one of the major risks for data breaches

At dvaDataStorage, we spent time with customers discussing their concerns when preparing for data breaches and their security practices.  From this collaboration, we developed a team of experts that specializes in security and understands what businesses needs to do in preparing for a potential data breach.

The best way to prevent a disaster is to act now and not wait until it happens.  Preparation, having a plan and executing that plan is your best strategy.  Call us now to discuss your concerns!