No more writing RFP’s. No more lengthy negotiations with vendors which means more time in your day focused on running your business and less time working with vendors.

We simplify and expedite the procurement process for IT infrastructure needs and services related to Data Center, Telecom, Managed Services, and Security. Sr. IT leadership and their teams save on average 300+ hours and 25%-30% on contracts when engaging with us.

As a 100% vendor neutral advisor, We are able to understand your IT needs and match you with the solution provider that’s right for your organization whether you’re a growing start-up or Fortune 100 enterprise.  We literally and figuratively sit on your side of the table as a trusted partner and streamline your IT Procurement projects.

Exploring Opportunities to grow your Business?

Doing More with Less

· IoT

· AI and Machine Learning

· Business Process Outsourcing

· MS Teams

· UCaaS


· DRaaS

· Moving from MPLS

Grow Your Business with dvaDataStorage:

· Eliminate wasted time, stress, and minute details involved in IT procurement projects

· Simplify and Expedite your IT procurement process

· Expertise with Data Center, Telecom, Managed Services, Security/Compliance, Emerging Technologies & Software

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