box4You can’t be too careful. As a result of massive data breaches experienced by major corporations in every industry, data security is the talk of the tech world. It has also become a board-level topic. As these highly-publicized data breaches show, security – or the lack of it – can have enormous economic and brand/reputation impact.

A security failure can cause a company to go into crisis mode and for smaller companies; these publicized events make them much more aware and concerned. The problem with TRUE security, is that it is ever-changing. A completely secure network today may have several vulnerabilities in 30 days. Your customers must stay active and only hire the best to ensure consistent security.

Establishing a stringent security policy is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for any IT organization looking to protect itself from a data breach. At dvaDataStorage, our goal is to make sure that you never experience the headache and threat that comes with a security breach. Our trained security professionals understand your business and the type of security necessary to keep business moving. Our partners implement an IT Security program combining industry-leading data-protection technology with professional consulting services.

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